who we are?

Most people know us as Portugal top wheels maintenance shop. But did you also now that we’re the highest rated wheels sellers of the country? We’ve got the right equipment and the right expertise to squeeze every last drop of the Wheel quality from every part we install.

Do you have broken rims?

We fix them.

what we offer

Wheel Repair

Wheel Repair

We are specialized in wheels repair. In our shop you can find premium quality wheels, from factory to custom painted ones.

Custom Rims

Custom Rims

If you want the best for your wheels, we guarantee that you will have the best results from our specialized workers.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

We offer the widest range of wheel repair services with the most advanced technology and knowledge to get the full recovery.


Why choose us


Top Maintenance Shop

Rucodel is one of the Portugal top wheels maintenance shop.

Customer Service

We have the best experts specialized in wheels maintenance and the latest equipment ready to solve your problems.

Coverage all over Europe

Our quality is distinguished in Europe by the maintenance of rims.

20 Years in Business

We have the experience and the commitment to making all our work the best it possibly can be, no matter what it takes to get there.


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